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On Sale: A Few Of Last Years Air Jordan Count Down packs

Jordan Collezione 22 + 1 - Men'sGuess what ladies and gentalmen? Did you miss out on getting some of the countdown packs? Do you have all Air Jordans from 1 through 23? Well, here is your oppertunity to get a pair (or 4) of these sneakers.

Currently on Eastbay you can get the CDP 22 + 1 for $309.99. And yes these very same sneakers was on sale on Eastbay a whle ago for 199.99, but for whatever reason they are back on the site and at full price. The sizes they have are limited though.

They also have 2 other packs for your consumption. The AJ CDP 18 + 5 and the AJ CDP 21 + 2 are also on Eastbay BUT the size range is far smaller and only the AJ CDP 21 + 2 is on sale at a discount for $199.99

I am almost sure that these particular packs were not too popular and that is why they are still left over in stores and online (either that or they just made too many of them). So if you want them, go and get them.