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zoe&zac Gets It – Women Has Footwear On Top Of Head


(lets get more ladies doing that)

Now this is just interesting, don’t you think? Is the sneaker culture slowly (but at a quicker pace) penetrating the ass minds of society? Are we going to see more articles on sneakerheads? Maybe some articles exposing someone wearing fakes thinking that they are real (I’m looking at you Big Boi LMAO)? ladies, anybody a little more interested in zoe&zac because of this picture? Would you buy this:

Brands zoe&zaczoe&zac Tigerlily Espadrille Wedge

(yes I know its from Payless, but it does look pretty good)

I think in the next few years the sneaker and shoe culture will freakin take over the US and the rest of the world. I’m watching a TV show (post that later) and guess what they guy shows? Fake Adidoos sneakers with five stripes LOL Awe man, you know its on now.