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On Sale Puma Jago III at Finishline

Puma Women's Jago III

(hottest womens sneaker out???)

(price??? who cares about price, just look at this thing! you want it)

I gotta tell ya I am in love with this sneaker look. Yeah, I know its for the ladies, but it is a really nice look. Seeing these in person in the mall was a real sight. My lady friend loves it, but she says its too young looking and doesn’t want the young boys to think she is their age (which happens allot for her lol) But whatever, I still think she should have gotten them.

For those of us who actually work out in their sneakers, I hear that these are pretty comfortable…. not VERY comfortable, but pterry comfortable. Either way, you will at least look pretty while your doing whatever your doing.

By thw way Puma (as well as Reebok and other brands) are stepping up their game when it comes to the ladies i have been noticing over the past few months. Hot colors at relativly low prices (most of the time).

You can still get these Puma’s at