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Not Sure About These: Air Jordan 16.5 in Black and Red

Air Jordan 16.5

(not too sure about these… but the internetzzz loves it)

(more on this later)

So Foot Locker Blog is trying to get in the game? That’s all good with me! Looks like they got the shots of what is to come in November and its called the AJ16.5. it looks ok, I guess… but whatever. Its not exactly what I thought it would look like. Maybe I need to see it in person.

Speaking of hybrids between one version of the AJ sneaker and another…

From sneakerfiles and kenlu - Air Jordan 14.5 Renders

(where it at???)

Ohhhh man, I need pictures, samples, release dates…. something, anything!!! I am a sensative man *starts to cry* but this is getting out of hand here.


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