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Ok, This Is The Joint – Nike Air Force 1 x Huarache Hybrid

Nike Air Force 1 x Huarache Hybrid - White / White - Ice

(as seen on everyblog everywhere cause they so freakin HAWT)

(thank you Weeklydrop and Sneakerfiles for this one!!!)

Oh course I still have just on critisims… where exactly is the Huarache part of this sneaker???? lol I guess that would be my one problem with this sneaker. A Huarache patch and a symbol through the ice does not a huarache make. Maybe there is some detail I am not reading that makes these more huarache than they look… but I aint seein’ it lol

Other than that, these things are freakin AWESOME (I told myself to stop saying that word but its the first thing that comes to my mind). Clean white and the transucent light blue sole just sets it off so nicely it makes you cry. Its suppossed to release this summer (or spring) of this year. Hopefully it will not be one of those quick strike numbers they pull on us (although I will admit it should be limited but just not super limited… like thos 1/2 Hybrid Penny’s right?)

You are going to want to see more pictures so head toward the Weekly Drop for more info. Via


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