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Tennis shoes wear car rubber

 Babolat Propulse made with Michelin rubber from tires

(who calls sneakers tennis shoes anymore??? lol @ Autoblog for that)

These tennis shoes (of which, by the way, are made to be used… get this… for tennis… but I am just saying who says “tennis shoes”?) are made of rubber from a tire. Will this work or will it just get a so-so reaction like the Pony and PPG clear-coat paint on a sneaker? (Of which I liked, by the way, because it did what many sneaker companies try to do with patent leather all the damn time.)

Here is a quote from

With a tennis player’s movements centered around “acceleration, braking, grip and relaunch” on a variety of different surfaces, the Michelin R&D lab probably had a good idea of what kind of rubber was needed. Michelin mated rubber technology from its auto racing programs with a revised version of its Optimized Cell System that uses seamless circular micro-cells inspired by rally racing tires. The result is said to be exceptional grip and durability. And if it’s good enough for Sebastien Loeb, there’s a good chance it’s good enough for the U. S. Open…

The sneaker are limited. I would have to say that if you are collecting sneakers (and shoes) you might want to get your hands on this.  Will Nike ever do a collabo with Micheline or PPG? The world may never know.


I hope Pony does that PPG thing again… i  missed out last time, but won’t do that again if they re-release some fresh ones. Definaitly a collectible because of the car paint fresh on them… crazy.


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  1. WOW!!

    I Want to buy this one.. It’s very stylist and attractive….

    March 16, 2011 at 2:04 am