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Nike Air Force One Black History Month

Black History Month - Air Force One

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The NAACP is 100 years old this year. Well, that is something I did not know. For one thing, the fact that 100 years sago, with so much racistm and steroetypes about black people, I am surprised that an organization could have started and sustained itself from 1909 to 2009.

But back to the sneakers… I love the way this look. They are pretty well organized color wise. i wish they were not limited because i think everyone should get a chance to buy them if they wanted to… I supposse they can be limited but not 100 sneaker limited. More like Air Jordan 23 white and red limited.

One thing though: I sort of wish this was a pack. One in the traditional African colorway and one in the good ole red, white and blue. I mean seriously, after everything we have all (and I mean all of us) have been through and as much as we have to go through from here, can we all except that we are now all Americans? My God, we have a black president. The first family is black. Can’t Black History Month be red white and blue too?


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