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Wow, I Missed A Whole Bunch Of Crap

For my loyal 200 or so readers (andthe 1000 or so google searches of people randomly landing here) I did not forget you. Currently doing some grad school classes and my schedule is super tight like Chris brown sneakers.

Yes I have been following that… despite the drama around what happened, I couldn’t help but to look at his feet… Air Jordan and Nike SB gets resprsented hard.

Lets see, what else happened… Air Jordan 2009 PE colorways seem to show that the AJ2009 can look better with another colorway. It is still not one of the better looking AJ’s but it has potential looks wise.

Air Penny 3 are comingout, Clae2009 got some heat, more Gucci colorway sneakers, Lil Penny is seen around town, and those ladies high heels are just getting more  detailed and crazy… so are the celebs wearing them.

I got lots in store for those who are sticking around till the 21 when I  finish revamping stuff and taking my finals…I plan on taking a break from grad school so the posts should come flying out after that.

I got so many opinions!!! lol Don’t forget to continue to stop by because you never know when I might find a cool sale online.


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  1. interesting post, will come back here, bookmarked your site

    June 30, 2009 at 4:45 pm