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A Future Possibility Wish – Air Jordan “Flu”: The Legendary Flu Game

Since MJ is planning on trying to release more retro packs based off of some history of his play including the 60+ points pack, it makes me wonder, why not release something based off of a game that shows just how hard he worked to get what he got… not to mention the risk he took playing with the flu… should be inspiring.

How many of us give up when we are hurting instead of playing (working) through the pain? Through the drama? It’s a judgment call for sure because he certainly put himself at risk of death playing at that level… but it should make all of us think; what makes a champion? What is the DNA of a winner?

You can not make this up. What makes you a champion? My personal belief, its not the wins that count, it’s all the times you fall (aka FAIL) and get up to try again. Jordan didn’t get to where he is because it came easy. An Air Jordan “Flu” would most certainly show what makes a champion.

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Here is a quote from the YouTube author hoopsencyclopedia:

This is the Legendary Flu Game where MJ rises from his death-bed. It is my opinion that this game can be considered MJ’s greatest game ever. The book “MJ’s 50 Greatest Games” ranks this at #2. This is the game that signified the core and purity of Michael Jordan. Take away all the circus shots, amazing dunks, hang-time jumpers, acrobatic drives, huge scoring nights etc, and you had what Michael Jordan represented – the unparalleled desire and will to succeed in the most crucial moments and in the most dramatic fashion. The only question left after this game was whether MJ would be the greatest there ever will be.

I swear to you guys, a champion isn’t made from the wins you see, she is made from the failures you don’t see. Those failrues and the will power to keep going is what makes a winner, a champion, a Lebron, a Obama, a Bush (yeah I put him in there… man you should see the stuff he did when he was younger), a Micheal Jordan, a JFK, a MLK Jr, a *your name here*


3 responses

  1. Matt

    60+ is a single shoe and not a pack….just FYI.

    January 30, 2009 at 5:49 pm

  2. It is? lol I could have sworn I saw like 2 different colorways os somebody mentioning the AJ7’s and some other sneaker being in “the pack”… anyway, I still want a “flu” pack lol

    January 31, 2009 at 4:03 am

  3. Matt

    60+ is a single pair…..the 7’s you are referring to are coming out in the ‘Hall of Fame’ pack.

    February 2, 2009 at 3:38 pm