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Converse x UNDFTD = The Poorman’s Weapon

Undefeated x Converse Poorman’s Weapon

Hawt, Hawt, HAWT!!! I am totally in love with these sneakers right here. Converse and UNDFTD did some real work right here. First seen on High Snob.

Undefeated x Converse Poorman’s Weapon 2

I like the texture, the stitching, the material and the over all look. It may be just the pictures doing more of the talking than than the sneaker, but I think this sneaker will look great in real life .

But what’s the best part? I think if they get messed up and scuffed that they will look even better!!! I can already see parts of the sneaker falling off as part of the artistry of the sneaker.

Maybe I am gushing too much about them but I need these sneakers.

This Converse Poorman’s Weapon designed by UNDFTD draws on inspiration from satin material from flight jacket’s providing an impressive aesthetic. Featuring a Chuck Taylor sole the nylon upper provides a great combat look while the velcro patches and a “War is Big Business” embroidered patch definitely make this a unique sneaker. The release will happen come January next year so be on the look out for this highly anticipated release.

Source: SlamX

For more pictures, head over to HighSnob. Also seen on as well as SlamX Hype.


You might wanna take a look at the original Poorman’s. Saw this while searching for these. Take a look at this:

Converse Poorman Pro Vintage in yellow

(its not for me but its still cool)

Converse Poorman Pro Vintage in brown

(this is more my style… as seen on


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