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Jamie Foxx Protects Duaghter by Giving Shoe Size? LOL

Jammie Foxx with his duaghter Corinne

In a story on Bossip (yes I do read the blog gossip rags… CAUSE THEY ARE FUNNY lol) Jamie Foxx is putting his daughter on lockdown due to the fact that the paps taking pictures keep looking at his daughter as one of his dates.

Jamie Foxx has banned his teenage daughter from dating – after the press confused the 14-year-old girl for his latest flame. The actor/singer admits he’s become overprotective of his leggy young daughter, Corrine, because men often ogle her on the street, thinking she’s twice her age.
He says, “She’s not going to date until she’s married. She’s so beautiful, she’s five (feet), seven (inches), size nine-and-a-half shoe. “I was coming out of a restaurant with her, I guess the paparazzi didn’t know who she was, and the paper said, ‘Foxx with young hottie’. “It just kills you because she’s so grown, but she’s only 14!”


What I find funny is that if you actualy LOOK AT HER, you can tell she is still a kid. The second thing is, why did Jamie mention her shoe size? I know I am into feet just as much as the next guy… well maybe a little bit more than the next guy, but something is funny about him detailing shoe size. Nevertheless, considering that he did mention shoe size, I posted this otherwise totally unrelated to sneakers or shoes story.

Now what I have to do is find out what shoes she is wearing cause they do look pretty nice.


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  1. Art

    She needs to grow up, fix her gums, make a sex tape, do some heroin, and become a lesbian.

    May 9, 2009 at 5:39 pm