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Rant – Micheal Jordan: Why Did You Put Out The Bred AJ11 Instead of the Concord For The Countdown Pack?


I was mad when the AJ countdown Pack 20 + 3 colorways were made known and it ended up not only not putting out the white and red III’s (they put out the black and grey of which wasn’t too bad, just disappointing) but they put out this… I don’t know what that XX’s “Black Cat” was… as part of the pack.

I wanted that3+12 pack, but after that, I changed my mind.

Now we come to the Air Jordan Countdown Pack 11 + 12… What the @%$#??

As the last pack and probably the most significant one, why not put out the Concord AJ11’s? Why the Bred’s?

Air Jordan 11 BRED

(looks hot but why in the CDP 12 + 11 Brand Jordan… WHY???)

Air Jordan 11 Concord - Seen On Sneakernews

(oooohhh why not these? why not? *starts to cry*)





I am very upset that I am not getting my Concords. The internet sneaker blogs are abuzz with comments for this countdown pack and the Bred’s as to how much it is well liked. I am not against the Bred AJ11 and if I do decide to get this pack, it will probably be worth it, but I really think the concord AJ11 would have been a total hit (along with a BRED AJ12 or a white and red AJ12… but lets face it, the best colorway for the 12’s is what they are putting into the pack lol)

Air Jordan Retro 12 XII Playoff


AJ 12's

(the AJ CDP 12’s from via

AJ 11 Bred

(same as above except its the AJ11 BREaD)

Its a nice pack, please do not get me wrong, but the concords should have been in the pack; PERIOD. Lets hope that we all can get some AJ11 concord love in some special pack that Brand Jordan may release in the future. The only problem with that is that this year was supposed to be the last year for retros for a while when it comes to Jordans, so coming out with some special pack for the general masses that includes the concord AJ 11’s seems like a bad move.

So anyway, this last pack is due in December on the 26th. I guess I’ll get it cause its the last pack… but then there is this recession thing… Already spending 400 on 2 Air Jordan 23 this Black Friday, a the Fusion 20 is another 155 so what is that 600 after taxes… ummm I got books to buy for school (I’m in grad school and its costing me a brick) and a business to start so why am I getting these? I don’t know. I just don’t know. I think I may just have to buy the OG version of the AJ11 concord.


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  1. niki

    so, do you know where i can buy that?
    thank you

    January 5, 2009 at 2:12 am