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Another Ultra Limited Air Jordan 23 Black and Red

BRED Air Jordan XX3 Premier

WOW!!! This is great! (See more on The Shoe I was hoping Jordan and team would come out qwith some new colorways and they did. Not only are they releasing 3 more colorways next week after Thanksgiving aka Black Friday, but somewhere in December the black and red colorway will release.

The release, sadly, will be super ultra limited to 529 pairs (Just like the Titanuims) and going to 23 stores. Expect long lines for this one, especially if we get some bigger shots of the sneaker online.

I have to say though, I am not as impressed with the colorway as I thhought I would be, but maybe it looks better in person. I am suer fine with the bottom of the sneaker, but the “DNA” part made of leather seems a little hard. Maybe if it was that soft seude like the Stealths…

Anyway, it may release the second week of December or maybe on the 23rd of December. For more info and shots, visit The Shoe (and you gotta read the comments too! Bananas lol and while your at it, check out Nicekicks too and see what people think about the sneaker and its colorway… is it worth camping out to get them like the Titanium’s?)