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Married To The Mob x Nike Dunk Hi = Looks Good For The Ladies

Nike Dunk x Married-To-The-Mob

I meant to post this many moons ago when this sneaker first showed up on the internet. I like it and I think these will be popular for the ladies and the couple of guys who will wear them despite the fact that it was made specifically for the ladies.

As a person who believes in being grown, profesional and fashion savvy at the same time, I am happy to read this commonet on the design process of this sneaker:

“We wanted to create something for a more grown up fashion savvy girl who wants to rock sneakers with her high end fashion” said Married To The Mob founder Leah McSweeney. “The Nike Dunk is perfect for exactly that.”

Now that is what I am talking about. More details at And you got to read those comments! LOL to the guy that said, “I’d cop, if I had a vadge”. FUUUUuuuuny. You gotta see the other comments too.

Oh and by the way, you probably want to take a look at who exactly is Married To The Mob (MOB MySpace). Karmaloop has some of their gear so check that out.