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Is This For Real: The Miu Miu Mid Thigh Socks

Miu Miu Mid Socks

(socks for 210 bucks is crazy… but comfortable)

These sox ROCK HARD lol You know, I am in the process of redesigning this site and what I focus on and stuff like that… yeah, so anyway the point is that I want to fit socks into the equation of my focus on the feet and footwear and this fits into my strategy just fine. I think people who are into socks as well as people who make socks are going to love me lol

So this is a design meant to do what I don’t know. It is obviously not the normal sock. I didn’t do too much research on the thing (and won’t) but I am sure it is meant for an individual to wear by itself and not with a shoe, but one never knows about these things.

You know those Air Jordan Old Love new Love you bought many moons ago? Well, these socks cost way more than that. About 10 dollars more than that (and are probably not any where near as collectible as the old love new love) would have gotten you these socks.

The “socks” are made by Miu Miu and cost $210 bucks. Miu Miu makes some other awesome shoes for the ladies, so you may want to check that out too.