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On Sale: Coogi Limited Edition Royalty Fitted Cap

On Sale of 90 Bucks at Dr. Jays!!!

Man, I haven’t posted anything on hats in a while. I don’t remember when the last time I headed over to any of the fitted blogs that are currently on line but I am sure this is on there.

I don’t particularly like baseball caps and haven’t wore one in almost 9 years but I still like the designs of allot of the fitted out there. This hat right here is one of them that I like. Its a little flashy but its still cool. PLUS it comes in that box that you see in the picture above. These are collectibles.

Too bad its limited.

As seen on Dr. Jays and its available on sale there too for $90.00 (Does Coogi make ANYTHING that costs less than 90 dollars? LMAO)

Here are some details from Dr. Jays:

  • Comes in an exclusive collectible Coogi gift box with lurex twisted handles, satin lining, gold foil script logo on interior and magnetic faux snap closure
  • All-over ornate lurex style stitching with lurex script logo across face of cap
  • Gold foil screen printed detail with pieced looped lurex trim across back trim of cap
  • Gold coin detail on top tip of cap with Coogi style studs

Very interesting isn’t it? With all that gold, you think you could buy it and resell it for a profit considering that gold is going up in this economy.