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Air Jordan Countdown Pack Report: 22+ 1 = Still On The Store Shelves

The Countdown Pack That is Still Here

That’s right yall, the September countdown pack that released I believe almost 2 weeks ago, is still available for people to pick up. I am sort of into the pack, but I will admit that it is a very plain pack. If MJ and brand Jordan could have made the Air Jordan 1 “real hightops” as seen on in the comparison of the old school Air Jordan 1 and the retro in the pack, I think more people would have bought this. Lets face it, these packs are for the cats who was born in the 80’s and 90’s who always wanted the whole set but as kids they couldn’t afford it.

Another fact (what I would call a fact lol) would be that these packs are for people who are new to Brand Jordan and just plain wasn’t alive when the Air Jordan 6 first originally came out.

I was in the sneaker store looking at the Air Jordan 4 + 19 pack and a young buck was looking at them too talking about it with their friend, and I have to say it is amazing to me that they were so interested in them even though they probably wasn’t alive when the Air Jordan 4 came out. Its cool to see another generation like something that was from your generation.

retro version slightly lower than the hightop original

(not sure if it makes a big difference but it does to me)

Nevertheless both generations are not too into this pack. I do not think its the worst pack, but it is the most unwanted apparently. I want this pack, but not at the current price of 310 dollars (350 after taxes in NYC). The Air Jordan 1 costs 100 dollars, the Air Jordan 22 costs 175 so how can the pack itself in total cost 310? All the packs cost 310 and I am sure some packs cost more than 310 (I’ll figure that out later if that is true) and you also have to think about the fact that Nike is making these sneakers and have to retrofit the factories to make old technologies so maybe  the cost is 310… but I still not feeling it.

Anyway… just blabering…

I still thin the pack has some flair for being just black and white… boring but different. I will get them but after they go on “fire sale” and I buy them for 150 LOL

If you want to be different and get what I think is the best looking Air Jordan 22 (the 22’s didn’t seem to get the right colorways or rather they didn’t put the paint on it right) I think you may get them for AJ 22.