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On Sale: Bacco Bucci Men’s Ward on

(for the grown and sexy… kiddies look away LOL)

Well, speaking of showing off some shoes, here is a pair of casual wear sneaker/shoes for those going to chill, going to clubs that don’t want you to wear boots or sneakers, and for the grown and sexy in general. I don’t know all the sneaker and shoe brands out there so Bacco Bucci may have been out for a while or new on the scene. Either way these casual shoes look nice. What is the coolest thing about them?


There original price was 74.99, but now they are 29.99!!! (excuse me, 29.97 LMAO). Lmited sizes available and there are 3 colorways for you to choose from. I, of course, like the one I used for this blog post. I don’t know if I will take the leap and get them (I should have MAD Finishline Member points to get this for free lol).

If you are going to take the leap, then click here.