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I’m Strapped Fools!!! Supra NS Strapped

(as seen on Individual Sole via Complex)

Its been a while hasn’t it??? LOL Sorry, I had finals and other junk going on. I am backlogged in sneaker and shoe stories like you can’t believe! Still more Olympic colorways coming out, custom footwear, rants on why footwear companies don’t make sneakers with widths (and praising the companies that do), presidential sneakers/shoes and more.

And this is back to school week for my peoples in NYC so made stuff is on sale (like the Air Jordan Fusion V’s 3M of which is very popular in NYC selling for 119.99 in some stores).

I think these look really nice. Its not for me because I just wouldn’t know what to wear with this that would look good. Strangely enough though I still want it. Nobody can tell me I’m not strapped in NYC if I got these on, right?

I’m strapped FOOL!!! lol

The sneaker releases in the next few week at a cost of $140.


WAY more posts starting tomorrow, so be sure to stop by and get your fashion/sneaker/shoe/laugh/cry/exercise/foot-care-and-over-all-health on!!!