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Ladies and Gentlemen The New Olympic BasketBall Gold Winner Is… USA

Most seen sneaker in the finals LOL

Firstly I will admit that I did not know that Team USA lost for the past 8 years… I thought they had a unbroken streak. Secondly I didn’t know that Spain (or anybody outside the US) was that good. I mean Spain was gooooood. If this was an NBA final would Team USA won the best 4 out of 7?

This was a big win. And I might say, since I am grown and sexy, they were successful on AND off the court. I am very proud that they went there and really represented us in the Olympics.

You can see a whole bunch of shots, scores and other data on NBC Olympics (at least in the USA… I think others can go to YouTube to see video). You HAVE to see the pictures. I think the pictures say more than the videos.

And yes, you can see the sneakers they are wearing too in many of the shots. By the way, did anybody notice that when they were playing for the gold that you could only really see the sneakers of the USA team? LMAO On top of that, why in the world, in the OLYMPICS, did they play the theme from the NBA during the breaks? The NBA FOR CRYING OUT LOUD!!! I’m watching the Olympics and I’m hearing the theme when they get to the end of the game.

Unbelievable LMAO


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  1. Now that the Gold Metal has come back to the U.S., the debate begins, who is better team: The 1992 Dream Team or this years Redeem Team? You decide. šŸ™‚

    August 24, 2008 at 11:46 am