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Air Jordan Countdown Pack 5 + 18 = I Like it Allot

I was not very into this pack. I didn’t really want a pair of V’s and I didn’t really want a pair of AJ18’s either, but its grown on my ALLOT. After reading some of the comments on The Shoe Game and other sites, not many people are into the pack (sort of a 60/40 against it but there is allot of love for the V’s)

Video of 5/18 Countdown from MaplewoodBootCamp with a appearance of the New Balance Pigeon

I think I am falling for the 5 + 18 pack… I am thinking I may have to figure out how I am going to get them this Saturday.

The 18’s (pic from

I actually like the 18’s “lighted up” at the midsole (not really lights). Plus the fact that there was no black and red air Jordan 18’s also make them very interesting (black and red aka Bred aka bread is the classic Air Jordan Bulls colorway). They look pretty comfortable and for some reason they seem “grown”. Histroy behind the 18’s courtesy of

Creator of the design of the Air Jordan 18 (XVIII) was Tate Kuerbis (Jordan Senior Footwear Designer). A person that had been part of the Jordan footwear design team since 1999 and with Nike since 1995. The inspiration of the design is a combination fo a number of things; Sleek racing lines of the auto world, Carbon fiber-based monocoque of F1 race cars, Race car driving shoes (rubber heel wrap) and Fine Italian dress shoes (bold stitching on the soles).

(for more – and there is more – visit

Remember, there was never a black and red 18. Will this be the retro that everybody wants to have 10 years from now? It wouldn’t be the first Jordans that may not have been very popular when it originally came out, but now is what some call The Holy Grail (I’m telling you guys, back in the day when the AJ6 came out, not many people got them and they were the only Jordan 6’s you could still get almost a year later on sale for around I think 79.99… I got mine from Kings Plaza in Brooklyn but took it back – please forgive me lawd lol – because I felt guilty that my Mom struggles so much for me and I am getting Air Jordans… and they didn’t match anything I had so i probably wouldn’t wear them that much lol).

The V’s (pic from

This is the winner out of the pack. It is the best looking sneaker and I am sure it will be the sneaker people are wearing when his comes out this Saturday (August 23 no less). I personally think they look a little better colorwise than the original AJ V’s Here is a snippit of the history behind the V’s from

Once again Hatfield came up with a revolutionary design for the new shoe. A few elements were picked up from its predecessor but it featured a great silver/reflex tounge and a clear/see-through rubber sole which gave it a totally unique look. Also there were lacelocks which made it easy to strap them on.

The design is rumoured to be inspired by the WW2 Mustang fighter plane and the most obvious elements that shows this are the shark teeth shapes on the midsole.

(for more visit here ay

I really was not going to get this pack. I was only getting 3 Countdown Packs (11 + 12 – comes out in December, 7 + 16 – Already came out and I got them, and the 3 + 20… really wanted the 20’s but the ones they say will come out in the pack are disappointing and I really wanted the white and red 3’s but they are going to be the black white and grey although i can’t complain too much about that) and this was certainly not on the list, but now I may have to add this one to the ones I want.

So what does that add up to? 4 AJ packs will cost me 1240 dollars not including tax. Something gotta give!!!

Anyway, the Air Jordan Countdown Pack 5 + 18 comes out this Saturday so get your wallet ready. And remember, people who collect sneakers tend to be leaders, so don’t feel bad when you spend 300+ dollars and didn’t pay your cell phone bill LOL


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  1. sergio

    hey are the 11 see though ones fake??

    January 16, 2009 at 6:47 pm