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On Sale: Honduras Python Ballet

I sort of get the idea of the cutesy shoes. You are in your ballet shoes and your trying to be the lady who walks on their tippy toes and who are as skinny as hell, you should probably get these. Theyscream, “look at me and how dainty I am!” How did these things get popular anyway?

What cracks me up even more is that I will see women walking in these things in the rain or on their way to work. Are they that comfortable that they can be worn all day and in the rain too?

Well, here is a pair that I like. Look like gators with the  daintiness of a petite woman flinging herself around the air.

They come in 3 different designs and the cost, get this: $95 Dollars 100% leather, from Italy. High class ladies. If your going for the light and airy look, you might as well take it there and get these.


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