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Super Sale: Melo M4 at for $79.99

Super Sale Baby!!!

I did want to get a pair of these but I was putting most of my money of the  Air Jordans for this year (and what a year for Jordan… I think this will be remembered in sneaker lore for many years to come) doesn’t allow me to really get other footwear items I wish to get.

This is one of those items. i bet they are comfortable and everything but they will not be a part of my footwear collection… but if you want it in yours, you can get it for $79.99.

Eastbay has other sizes on sale too…  and did anybody notice Eastbay redesigned their site? I used to not like it very much, but now it is way better organized. And it seems to be more in line with their catalog too.


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  1. Where do you get all of your ideas from? I struggle to write once per week.

    December 20, 2009 at 3:29 am