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On Sale: The Blazer High Premium Sneakers

Nike Blazer Pemuim man!!! For 90.00 TOTALLY WORTH IT!

This looks so hot. I love the casual look of this. And yes, it is a Blazer. Instead of calling this the year of the Jordan or the year of the hybrid, maybe I should call this the year of the Blazer. Talk about a comeback. Here is some info that you may or may not care about the sneaker:

The Blazer High Premium features a brown premium leather frame, laser-etched detailing on the side panel, metallic bronze leather detailing on the side & heel panels, a neon yellow Nike check, neon yellow interior lining, and a rubber sole. Source:

And take a look t this detail!!! I think it really mkes the sneaker pop without being loud and brash:

Currently sold on Sizes are limited so head over there now.