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HiTop and LowTop Air Jordan Fusion 20

Air Jordan Fusion 20 (ummm… the high tops lol)

Air Jordan Fusion 20 Lo

I think the AJ Fusion 20 looks pretty ok… but I am super tired of seeing patent leather on every other Air Jordan sneaker. Maybe its because I’m grown and sexy and I’m not into shiny flash everyday of the week because the kids seem to like it so I am guessing that Brand Jordan will be doing the patent leather for a minute.

The low tops don’t seem to have much in common with the high version, then again they do (maybe its just the patent leather shininess confusing me). The back, the midsole and other areas are similar but I really think the lo-top is the better looking sneaker and t really seems to have its own identity.

But I am sure to change my mind when the final pictures come out.