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Air Jordan Countdown Pack 7 + 16 Releasing Saturday!!!


Ok, ladies and gentlemen, this is how its going to go down. The last time something was released from the Jordan team (I’m talking about the Fusion V white and red totally disappearing from online sellers – you might be able to find one in a store near you if your lucky) it was gone so fast that you couldn’t even find the pictures of the sneakers on Eastbay or Finishline.

Its suppossed to be released on Saturday AT midnight depending on where you live. Since I live in NYC I should get a chance at it at 12am in the morning while others in the US will get a chance at 11pm, 10pm or 9pm respectively due to time zones. BUT NOOOO… I get home late and I bet these sneakers will be gone. 310 dollars is steep so maybe it will still be in the shops but don’t count on it. Try to order as early as you can. Those speculators are out there buying up sneakers just to sell them so they may buy a hundred of them just to sell them.

Anyway, try to order as soon as they become available. As for those main sneaker sites (I mean you Eastbay and Finishline) try to start selling at Midnight instead of 7pm Friday night like last time.

First pack released is available again at Eastbay… nice.