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OK, Where Is It! Air Jordan Fusion V White and Red NO WHERE TO BE FOUND

Sooo Where the hell is it?

OK LADIES AND GENTLEMAN this shoe went so fast that Finishline don’t even have the picture up anymore! Eastbay don’t tell you anything about the sneaker either.

So far the only sneaker blog (that I watch anyway) who sad they are supposed to release today is and says on thier respective release pages that it is supposedly to be released today 06/14/08 but I don’t see it ANYWHERE! These guys are gonna make me go out to the store in the morning just to see if it actually released.

If anybody knows if it actually got released today, let me know. I knew it was suppossed to be limited, but this is rediculous.

EDIT: They did release and they were in stores. You can still find some in places in NYC but mostly in grade school sizes. Even though I liked these Fusion V’s the most, after seeing them in person, they are also pretty… plain looking. I still like them though, but not the most anymore.

Oh and these released to day also. I don’t expect to see them around much though…