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In Sneaker News: Kobe needs to embrace Jordan legacy

Is it really Micheal Vs Kobe?

Or should it be Kobe embracing being the next Micheal Jordan?

As you can read here, some people’s opinion is that Kobe should not run away from the legacy, he should embrace it.

Not an option. The idea that Bryant should be considered apart from Jordan is plainly preposterous, and now — near the conclusion of a season in which Bryant has at long last shown himself to be authentically Jordanesque — more than ever. As it happens, given Bryant’s famously voracious appetite for victory and his place in basketball history, he has but one satisfactory option. Fortunately, for him at least, it’s not only doable, but highly probable. Bryant needs two trophies here: one denoting a Lakers championship, and another commemorating his performance and the 2008 Finals MVP.

Kobe can be Kobe all he wants. But anything less will diminish his legacy.

Is it still necessary to itemize the basis for comparison? Kobe Bryant came of age in the age of Michael Jordan. For him to have idolized anyone else would’ve been setting his sights too low, a form of slumming. Their similarities were pronounced by the time Bryant announced his sneaker deal as a high school senior in 1996. They were the same size, and played the same position the same way. Bryant mimicked the mannerisms — the shrug, the finger wag, even the way in which he cradled his first championship trophy — while mastering Jordan’s real moves.

Interesting. So now what?