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Fastest Sneaker Ever Sold: Air Jordan 23 White and Red SOLD OUT

For a general release (men sizes only… now that doesn’t seem very “general release” to me), this sneaker went fast. Hell, online it was sold out before Midnight ever came! Now how do you sell out something that isn’t suppossed to be sold until 12am May 31 08? LOL

I am a little ticked off by this whole episode. I know Jordans get sold out, but this was ridiculous. Many sites had a “you can only buy 2” policy so that makes me wonder just how they sold out so quickly. I love Finishline, but they didn’t even have the sneaker at 12:30am!!! Either they sold really fas or they were available way before Midnight.

As for Eastbay, I actually had the sneaker in my cart. I added a few other things I wanted (which took me all of 5 minutes to add) and when I go to the checkout, they gone!!! They took it out of my cart! I was robbed!!!

I figure all is lost.

But then I head over to and they say (in the comments) that its still available at so I go their and they got my size. I never ordered anything from so it seemed a little strange entering all that personal data, but at least it is officially ordered. Now all I can do is hope they don’t tell me later that they don’t have any and its back ordered.

Anyway, its been a rough Saturday. Not allot of posts from the fab four of sneaker sites so far and as for me, I’m headed toward work so I won’t be able to post until I get back. Hope yall got the sneaker if you wanted it.


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  1. Sztem nem szép ez a cipő.Kimondottan ronda!!Utoljára a III-as,az V-ös,meg a XVII-es tetszett,és ennyi.

    De ez a cipő úgy szar,ahogy van!!!

    December 23, 2009 at 7:25 am