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Snakes On A Plane… I mean.. Kobe Jumps Over A Pool Full Of Snakes

In a total boneheaded jackass type moment, Kobe jumps over a pool. Kobe got talent, that is granted, but ummm… there aint NO WAY IN HELL he actually jumped over this car pool. He is either crazy and tryingto void his contract, or its totally fake.

Either way those Hyperdunks are the real show of the video. while the Hyperdunk is NOT Kobe’s signiture sneaker, he does have a Players Edition sneaker. House of Hoops got some super exclusive colorwys of the new Hyperdunk.

Here are 2 colorways released (at 24 pair each I believe) from b.!.z // eBay as seen on

Kobe Bryant Lakers Hyperdunk PE is the black, maize and varsity purple colorway


These are especially special due the the special plexi-glass case which holds them


So there you have it! The Hyerdunk and Kobe jumping over pools with snakes (or something) in them. Does it get any better than this? Does it? No. No it doesn’t. Don’t lie to yourself. This is it. Its all down hill from here. lol


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