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A Classic Returns – Air Jordan Countdown Pack Carmines

So I didn’t get them. That’s right, you heard me correctly. I didn’t get what could be the most wanted retro-sneaker this year. I am trying so hard to stay on budget and I just couldn’t see them fitting in my already bloated Jordan sneaker budget. 310 dollars for 2 pair of sneakers (when you really only want one pair LOL) is a but much THIS YEAR. Now next year I won’t have to many problems paying 600+ for the one sneaker, but this year its a no-no.

What is funny about what I just wrote is that if Finishline gets more (and they usually do) I might be inclined to get them, but then again I just don’t know.

Anyway, has a nice mini-comparison of the old retro and the original Carmines. I still remember back in the day when I got them on the sales rack at Kings Plaza for 79.99 (and yes they were real cause I got them from a national retail sneaker/sports wear chain) and I really liked them because they were so original and not too many people rocked them (from what I remember). I took them home but since I was getting them for fashion and not play, I ended up taking them back. Why? Because I didn’t have anything that went with them lol. My first pair of Jordans I ever owned taken back because I felt Mama couldn’t really afford to buy them and she could use the money for something else.

Well, anyway, that is my sob story. For those who got the pack, congratulations. Next weekend is the Air Jordan 23 White and Red (the next sneaker holy grail LOL)