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Air Jordan Retro VI (6) Olympic Video and Pictures

Call it the Rainbow Jordan, or call it Gay pride… whatever, the bottom line is that after seeing the video from SneakGeekz aka MaplewoodBootCamp made this look good. I’m telling you for real, these sneakers looked like colorful crap from almost every picture I saw. The Shoe Game showed some pictures that look better but then I saw that thing on the toe and wondered why in the hell did Jordan put it on there.

You see that thing on the toe? what is that? Imma goona have ta look that up. someone has got to explain why this thing is there and what it means. There has to be some meaning behind it.

Also, in case you didn’t see, this thing has so much patent leather that it will literally will turn into one big wrinkle after wearing it LOL.

Ok, ok, the sneaker does look good, I’m just very upset at this emblem at the toe. The video makes it look like it won’t be so bad when its on your feet, but I guess I will have to see for myself.

Yeah, ok it looks good…. see more on


Did you here him talk about the Cool Grey Spiz’ikes? did he say they wanted 4000 for it or 400? Either is pretty steap (but 400 is at least a item that can be fit into someones budget… but not 4000!!! That’s a trip for 4 to Florida!!!)