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OMG: Air Jordan Countdown Pack 6 + 17 = Carmines Takin’ Over

SneakerNews Just Posted This On There Blog! Go See It NOW

Release Date: 05/24/08

The AJ Countdown Pack next to be released this month has the holy grail Air Jordan Carmines as part of the pack. Many sneaker head want this sneaker. Some of you may have never seen them before because the last time they came out, you were not born yet lol The original Carmine was released in 1991 so being that its 2007 that makes 16 years. That is a real long time, no?

I remember buying these when it originally came out and taking it back to Kings Plaza (the same day no less) because it just didn’t match anything I had. The sneaker were on sale and from what I remember, in NYC they were not as popular as they are now. I liked them because they just seemed out there and different. I didn’t know at the time that Jordan played in them during the playoffs. has all the shots you will need of oth sneakers included in the pack. Here is another shot:

I’ll admit that I didn’t like the 17 black suede but these pictures make them look way better. They actually look cool and not too flashy. Its not a smooth look, but it is very close to smooth.

I don’t know if I will get them cause my sneaker budget just can’t handle getting expended… again. I know I’ll pay for it later when I DO get them and they cost 1000 Dollars (but what’s money anyway?)

I have to say one thing… The Carmines have the word AIR in the back, so tell me why so far in all the pictures we have seen of the AJ Countdown Pack 4 + 18 (more specifically the AJ 4 of course) why the AJ 4 does NOT at least have the work AIR on the back of the sneaker? Well, the AJ 4’s have other problems then that I guess so maybe not having AIR underneath the Jumpman logo isn’t the worst thing but it sure looks odd.