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How Do You Create A Nike Rejuven8?

How Do You Go From The Picture Above To the Picture Below


High wrote an article about how Nike came about making this sneaker that just freakin looks like comfort (I’ll admit I never tried it on so I have no idea). I think the overall look is very cool and stylish. Its something i would walk around in at work to stay comfortable or maybe to just chill in when I am going somewhere just to relax.

I usually don’t like expensive slippers, but I can like those Mules

Hopefully this will be a regular release that can be easily be had, as opposed to some limited release or some sort of “Only Goes To This Store” type of release. I think the masses would want to get their collective hands on this. For more, click here, and here.

If you are up for some artwork then take a look here on Flickr.