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Converse Chucks x Purcells: Do A Little Something Together

Another great sneaker related post from the bloggers at I never EVER heard of Purcells put apparently its because I have no class lol. Apparently the original news came from a High Snobriety network site called Selectism.

Now I did a search on the site for them and I couldn’t find them at all and it says that they should start shipping worldwide and at a store near you. The post on Selectism was made on May 2nd so they have to be for this season. They show the low tops and the high tops as well.

Very grown and sexy. Adults ONLY lol.

Oh and guess what I found while browsing Selectism other interesting stuff on Kayne West (boy that Kayne West really trying to be the first black billionaire rapper).

You guys might also want to check out this right here too. Some real casual Perrys along with some Vans and another sneaker I don’t recognize lol For the full effect of what is called Court Legends, click here.

Sneakers and Shoes… BRINGING HEAT lol