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Fendi Lets You Design Your Bag… Just Like adidas-Color Does

Fendi Says: Design it yourself beeaacheszzz!!! lol

In a move that could be looked at is copying (lol ok, ok, I’m just kidding. I am sure this is not that original of an idea) Fendi lets you design your own Baguette of which Baguette must be the high society way of saying bag.

The bag is found at but I first found this on Luxist

Has it really been ten years since the Fendi baguette? To celebrate the popular slim bag Fendi has released a new version in ten bright Pantone colors. They’ve also created a kit so you can create your own custom Fendi. The kit contains a bag of coated canvas with a removable belted shoulder strap with buckle attachments, polished gold metal logo-engraved appliqués on each side and an acrylic double-F logo on the front.

Yall already know what it is… lol I am waiting to find the first picture of some star wearing (using I guess) the bag and what they design for it. Personally i would go all out and get a artist to put something real nice on it. So on top of the 1300 dollar price tag (way more than the adidas color LOL) you will add the 200 – 10,000 dollar cost for the art work depending on who you have do it.

I think Beyonce has been seen in Fendi so I’ll look there first. Ya’ll help me out if you see anything. Send pics of any celeb with the new Fendi bag with a original drawn design on it if you catch it (or if you buy it and make an original design then send that in too) to thenewthing {at}

Hell… any new sneakers or shoes, original, hot, custom or otherwise send it to that email addy.