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In Sneaker News: Babylon collecting sneakers for Nike to recycle

It looks like the town of Babylon has decided to do something for Earth Day many day ago. Hey I don’t think its to late to blog about something like this.

As part of the Earth Day celebration, the town of Babylon employees (all the employees of the town??? are we talking about city workers or everyone who works there?) have collected what would have just gone to the trash and taken it to the Refuse A Shoe program. I never heard of this program so I am glad to have found out about it. Anyway they took the shoes to an area Nike store and Nike will turn it into what they call Nike Grind.

Here is a quote from the story:

As part of this year’s Earth Day celebration, town employees are collecting old sneakers that otherwise would go into landfills for donation to Nike‘s Reuse-A-Shoe program, which uses the recycled material in different parts of sport surfaces in communities across the United States and around the world.

Babylon will deliver the donated sneakers to Nike’s store in Bellport, which will ship them to the company’s processing plant in Beaverton, Ore. That’s where the shoes are ground up into a material called Nike Grind.

According to Nike’s Web site, most of their synthetic surfaces include 10-to-20 percent recycled material – rubber from the outsole, foam from the midsole and fabric from the upper.Source:

This is good news for everyone. I am glad that companies are at least trying to do something about what is happening to our environment. Whether you believe in global warming or not, the bottom line is that we can NOT continue to treat our environment the way we do and thing NOTHING WILL HAPPEN. That, my felly sneakers and shoe fans, is just plain ignorant.