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Bape Stas for the Grown AND Sexy – Leather Tri-tone Bape Stas

New Leather Tri-tone Bape Stas on Nicekicks

New Leather Tri-tone Bape Stas - on Nicekicks


Looks like Bape is calming down the colors a tad. Kids in Highschool and Intermediate school are crying at this very moment… nevertheless, those who are in the 25-90 crowd who would like to chillax in the cut with their grown ass man (or grown ass women) look will enjoy these sneakers.

I for one, liked Bapes (even with the incredible colors) but these are just my style. I am more for the calm colors (I’m mad that I bought the “Do The Right Things” cause I wanted to wear them but I have nothing in my wardrobe that matches and refuse to buy bright ass yellow to go with it)  and it will go well with what i already have.

Too bad Jordan is taking all my money this year cause maybe I would have bough this. I am getting at least 2 AJ23’s, the 14.5, the 15 SE, Air Jordan Fusion Force 5 (and maybe I will get the 12’s too but I am not sure)  and 2 of the Countdown Packs (16 + 7 and the 20 + 3… maybe the 17 + 6 too because of those Carmines). I also want to get the Back to School 2 Air Max 90, a Dunk, a Dunk low, a Air Force One, a pair of running sneakers, and those Rockports with the DMX cushioning.

Anyway, the new leather Bape Stas are currently on sale: if you are in NYC you can go here:

Bape NYC
91 Greene St
New York, NY 10012

I got me some Bathin Apes LOL


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