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This is HOT: Upper Deck Jordan 86-87 Autograph Bulls Jersey

Upper Deck Jordan 86-87 Autograph Bulls Jersey – EASTBAY

 Upper Deck Jordan 86-87 Autograph Bulls Jersey

The Cost: 1,899.99

 Gooood lawd have mercys on my wallet! I saw this while I was looking for some Jordan lifestyle clothing… man, I knew Eastbay carried stuff like this, but this is ridiculous. I wonder if this has to do with all the hoopla that is going to start next month when the general release of the XX3 comes out.

Eastbay even has some jerseys for those who want the full Jordan look when they go back to school after spring break (unless you feel uncomfortable wearing a 1600 dollar jersey). So while your wearing your Jordan jacket with you Jordan jersey and your Jordan leather baseballcap, you can wear you brand new AJ XX3 stealth.


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