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Reebok x Kool-Aid…. LMAO

Kool-Aid x Reebok Collection – TheShoeGame

Reebok x Kool-Aid Collection



The sneaker looks like any other regular Reebok classic sneaker. But if you look at the bottom (pictured above) you will realize you are walking on flavored sugar water. Another change to the classic Reebok sneaker is the… what is that called… the medial??? Anyway, the interior has the Kool-aid smile.

It looks ok. Head over to TheShoeGame to see more shots. Imagine: Kool-Aid sneakers with a Kool-Aid hoody, hats and t-shirts. Good lawd I want this lol but its still funny as hell.

I sort of wish that this was Vans or adidas that Kool-Aid teamed up with though… oh and by the way, I saw a great big advertisment on a NYC bus a few days ago saying that this will be sold at V.I.M. so you might wanna check there for them. Oh part 2: Take a look at what Sneakerfiles has to say about the sneaker too. All this cool sugar rush fun is scheduled to come out on February 1 2008,


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