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On Sale: Retro Air Zoom Flight 96 on Eastbay

Nike Men’s Air Zoom Flight
Black/White/Royal – Eastbay

Nike Men’s Air Zoom Flight

Price 119.99

I do not know when Eastbay got them, but they have them. I had these (not this color) way back when but I didn’t get them in 1996. I got them in 97 when they were on sale for about 80 something dollars.

I am not sure that this is a remake of a retro color. Personally, I don’t like this colorway but I like the idea of these coming back. but there is only one true hot colorway that can really come back and that is the grey scale colorway.

Anyway, I hope these come out in other colors (including the shades of grey). I don’t know if those colors will work but it will still be interesting.

Take a look at this from the Shoe Game. I love the 95 Flights but… not that color. The 96 looks great though.


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