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Gourmet Makes Smooth Jordan Like Sneakers

 Gourmet Summer 2008 Footwear Line Up

Gourmet Canvas Line Up 2008 from TheShoeGame


Gourmet maybe be trying to get sued out of existence… but before that happens they are making some really cool sneakers.

I thing one thing is very true: if Jordan did this, it would be wack as hell. Ok, maybe not wack as hell, but it would most likely be looked at as wack. Jordan would have to ease us into the idea that he can make this type of sneaker.

 Gourmet Canvas Sneaker lookin like Air Jordan 7

 I have been into earth tones and greys for a while now so for me the best looking one out of all of these are these pictured above. I can see the other shots pictures on The Shoe Game being popular but this looks the best to me.

Now as for whether or not they can actually make a sneaker that look so similar to Jordan… I say maybe. if Gourmet can prove that no one would seriously look at these sneakers as Air Jordans then it may be ok. Butthen again the design is so simular to AJ’s that they could sue… I don’t think Jordan would win though but… you know what I am going to research this one and get back to you.

I still want a pair though for the summer. Real cool.


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