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The Playoffs: Air Jordan Retro 8… oh and the AJ 15 Lasered too

Air Jordan Mens Retro 8 :: Finishline

 Air Jordan Mens Retro 8… THE PLAYOFFS

Price: 139.99

Not allot of sizes left on Finishline

WOW it been a long time right guys? I know I should have posted more often but my time was soooo limited (and still is for another few days), but I couldn’t let this one slide.

I should have bought this. I really should have bought this. I knew about it coming out since early last month. Now they only have like 4 or 5 different sizes left and none of them are my size. I suspect that either today or sometime after Christmas that I will be seeing this sneaker all over the place if they can sell out before 2 o’clock.

On Sneakerfiles, they were talking about how sneaker stores and such were giving out reservations… RESERVATIONS!!!


Air Jordan 15 Retro Lasers

Presales Shot of Air Jordan Retro 15 Lifestyle

This is the only way the Air Jordan 15 can look good; Lasered.  Eastbay has those... but there are not allot left and they got allot left. If you know of a store that sells lifestyle versions of Air Jordans then go there. They might have it.

Oh and if you still want to get the Air Jordan Retro 8 CLOCKWORK ORANGE then go right ahead cause there are plenty of them still around (personally even though I am into sneakers and the Playoff are really hot, the orange does look better to me)

Alright… so let the Air Jordan Christmas begin.


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