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On Autoblog: Michelin MXV4 driving shoes

On Autoblog: Michelin MXV4 driving shoes

 Michelin MXV4 Driving Shoes

 Oh good lawd! Puma is looking at this and thinking “What’s next? DUB and TIS coming up with a line of sneakers and casual shoes?”

Well, Puma, it looks like more and more sneaker companies, car companies and now rim and tire companies see a market in making driving shoes. Heck, if I can start a blog that hi-lites what I think is cool in sneakers and car rims, then someone else can think to themselves that there is a market for drivers boots, sneakers and shoes.

Autoblog posted the press release for the new sneaker line. At prices of 75 to 150 they are obtainable. Plus, they do look good. They are on the grown AND sexy level albeit at the beginners level. I LOVE the tread idea and the overall design is cool as well. The post got 43 Comments for this subject. You just got to red some of those comments… funny.


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