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Nike Air Huarache “ACG Mowabb Pack” on Sneakerfiles

Nike Air Huarache “ACG Mowabb Pack” @ Purchaze

From Sneakerfiles - Nike Air Huarache ACG Mowabb Pack

Do you remember the original Huarache sneaker from Nike (not the real original of which comes from Mexico)? Well anyway, Nike decided to do a fusion of the Air Huarache with the popular ACG Mowabb. The results can be seen on Sneakerfiles.

I think it looks pretty good. I loved, just loved the ACG Mowabbs. I got the purple and browns (that was when I was very into purple) and they not only looked good, but they were comfortable. One thing though (unless I was totally scammed), I thought the Mowabb’s had Air since it said Nike Air on the back… turned out that they didn’t. How did I know? I sawed my sneakers in half.

Anyway, I am loving this idea. I don’t think I will get them because I never really liked the original Huarache (although they were very popular when they came out in 1992), but I can admit that they do loook very nice. I think these will be a good look for someone who wants them. Sneakerfiles says that they are available at Purchaze and gives plenty of links.

For more info on Nike Huarache and any hybrids or retro reissues you can visit Sneakerfiles or Nicekicks


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