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Air Jordan 14.5: Soooooo Hot

Air Jordan 14.5 Samples –

From sneakerfiles and kenlu - Air Jordan 14.5 Renders

LADIES AND gentlemen, Jordan is back at it again! This time I think they got it right Other than the 9.5‘s, these are the hottest when it comes to the .5 series of sneakers they have come out with over the years.

First look at the 14.5 was here…. I didn’t believe it. It looked like something that they were thinking about but probably are not really going to do…

But now, I am starting to believe that this may actually happen. The Air Jordan 14.5 is a combonation between the Air Jordan 14 and Air Jordan 15; The Air Jordan 15, clearly the ugliest sneaker in the whole line of Air Jordan’s, finds a way to look good by having sneaker sex with one of the hottest looking sneaker in the Air jordan line: Air Jordan 14. Notice that the sneaker mostly look like the 14 and not the 15. Also notice that the Air Jordan 15 tongue is included… a feature that many did not like on the original 15 but I have to say that it really works on this sneaker (let it be known that I actually liked the tongue… it was the rest of the sneaker that I didn’t like).

Some people think that the Air Jordan 14 was a mediocre sneaker… WHAT ARE YOU BLIND??? Air Jordan 14 is one of the hottest sneakers of all time and definitely of the Air Jordan line of 23 sneakers. If Air Jordan Brand continues making these fusion sneakers and includes the Air Jordan 14 as one of the elements, I think it will be hot regardless of what it is matched up with.

Ok… ok, yes these are samples and as you may know samples don’t have to look like the finished product. Lets just hope that this actually looks like what it looked like as a finish product. I don’t know what the other sides look like but this side look (drawing by a member on the Kenlu Forum) gives me hope that the rest of the sneaker will look ok.
Apparently Jordan Brand loves its fusion technique. I can imagine Goku and Vegeta being very mad at Micheal Jordan for all of this.


5 responses


    December 9, 2007 at 12:48 am

  2. The 15 isn’t that bad but the 7 Is the ugliest most hideous shoe ive ever witnessed. they defenitely need to go back into the lab and destroy the blueprint to that shoe. and redo a new 7. The also need to make a 13.5

    February 10, 2008 at 2:01 pm

  3. sneakerhead 101

    you got to be shiting me!!! dizzle your a fucking jackass for saying that!! the 7s are one of the best jprdans ever made

    March 1, 2008 at 9:15 pm

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