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TIMBERLAND Year Of The Rat Boots

Timberland Hong Kong - Year of the Rat :: Courtesy of HybeBeast

If you like Timbos, the original 6 inch ones, then you might like this. I thought it was pretty interesting. I high class looking boot not meant in ANY WAY to be worn on a construction site or any other workplace where you might get them dirty… sort of like this lol

You will defiantly need to buy some clothes to go with this (or I would cause what I got mostly will go with earth tones, blues and black). I would suggest you go to Dr Jays website and pick… or maybe Demo.

Visit Hybebeast for more info about the Year of the Rat boots.


One response

  1. Acha is mein abhi nahi dala kaya

    April 6, 2008 at 1:33 pm

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