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Congradulations!!! Strictly Fitteds makes its 1000 post

:: Strictly Fitteds – SIZE MATTERS :: » ESTATE LA「GRAPE APE」teaser

Estate LA Grape Ape from Strickly Fitteds

This post isn’t so much about the hat (of which is pretty cool and very Aqua Ready), its about the website called Strickly Fitteds. The blog that is only about fitted hats.

I fist found out about this blog visiting Nicekicks. At first I was like, “that is not going to work… someone made this story up” but after browsing the 20+ pages on the site, I am convinced that this is THE place to go to find out about fitted gear.

You can see the rare stuff and they tell you the shops to go get them at. That particular detail is nice if you actually want to get one lol.

As it stands now Stickly Fitteds is one of the sites I go to at least once every 2 days to see what’s up. Maybe that isn’t as much as Sneakerfiles, Autoblog, Dr Jays or Nicekicks, but its still allot considering my time constraints. I think you should add it to you lists of sites to go to as well.

Strickly Fitteds hints at things to come… can’t wait to see it.


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