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Teh Video Everyone Is Talking About – AT&T Sneakers Commericial

The video that everyone is talking about. Its ok. I wish it was better quality (on Youtube) I mean, they had to know the sneaker world would pick this up real quick and post it all over. Talk about advertising! You reach your target market and reach other possible market of shoppers and so forth as well.

So why isn’t the video quality a little better? lol Well… except for the end where it says AT&T, now that part was clear LMAO


The comments on this were not so positive for the most part but then again in a culture that almost requires itself to not be mainstream, I would guess that many would be all negative about it… but it still was a good commercial, especially since most people seeing it probably won’t know what they are even looking at so there still is an element of “in the know” that is there.

See for yourself what the comments on some of the sites I visit are like. Heck, even the comments on Youtube are interesting. Overall the commercial is in the lame area, but I do think it was a good idea and a good start to what the future can bring.


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