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Sooo Basically The Air Jordan 23 is…

(check out the raster image of this on Nicekicks)


So basically it is what I said in my post a couple of days ago; that the Air Jordan XX3 will be the most advance sneaker ever made… and that is why its looks so ugly.


Basically, Nicekicks explains away some of what Jordan is trying to do with these sneakers. One of its feature will be the total lack of glue. No glue means better biodegradability.


Another interesting factoid:  the stitching is the main strength of this sneaker and will also make it harder for those who counterfeit to do so.


I am not sure about that… but who knows, maybe it will work. I bet that there will still be see-thoughs Jordans somewhere in this style.


So the sneaker puts proformance and function WAY ahead of style and form. Much like the the Nike Zoom Kobe III, this sneaker will be ahead of its time in tech (I wonder if they are leaving the IPS system in? I like that allot)  and weight. Jordan is going out with a super performance sneaker. An ugly as hell super performance sneaker.


What can save it? The colorway and the materials. I guess we will see in about a month and a half.


…and yes, I am still getting a pair. I mean come on, its the last Air Jordan that will be ever made!


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